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Grandmaster Kwang Pai Taekwondo Instructor

Grandmaster Kwang Pai in Schenectady - Pai's Taekwondo

Grandmaster Kwang Pai

Grandmaster Kwang Pai and his brother, Grandmaster Thomas Pai were born and raised in South Korea. They began taekwondo training at a young age and immigrated to the United States with their family in 1975.

Together the brothers opened their first school in Glenville in 1984 and since then have devoted the majority of their time in developing top-rated schools. In April of 1988 Master Kwang Pai started a school in Clifton Park, followed by a second location in Saratoga opening in September 1999.

All the Pai's Academy's Masters and their caring staff look forward to making a positive difference through continued effort and dedication.

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