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Pai's Taekwondo Reviews

  • “Since starting Taekwondo I have noticed an improvement in stamina, agility, mental and physical strength.”

    Cecilia Oballe
  • “Three areas that [my son] Nathaniel has shown improvement in since starting Master Pai's Taekwondo are energy, confidence and respect. Taekwondo has benefited my child in several areas including a better level of physical activity, greater confidence and an improvement at home in daily activities including chores. Nate looks forward to each class and looks forward to learning new things. Nate also shows increased energy and respect.”

    C. Ludke
  • “Master Pai's Taekwondo classes have helped Glenn in areas of attention and finishing what he starts. To a greater degree he is more independent, cleans up after himself and has even set out goals for himself. He looks forward to attending class every day.”

    Millie Ramos
  • “Since attending Master Pai's Taekwondo, John has become more helpful, polite and coordinated. Furthermore, John is interacting better with children his own age. He is more focused and has a longer attention span. His coordination and fine motor skills are improving. He has also made friends and very much enjoys his class.”

    Sharon Drazba
  • “Since enrollment at Master Pai's Taekwondo, Thomas shows improved abilities, specifically in concentration, coordination and self-discipline. Pai's Taekwondo program helps Thomas set goals and strive to achieve them. Thomas is doing really well in school and shows respect for his teachers and peers. Pai's Taekwondo has also helped Thomas to have good judgment.”

    Peter Aragosa
  • “Master Pai's Taekwondo program has helped Kettrick achieve important progress in listening skills. Overall, Kettrick has improved in all areas of focus. He does what we ask of him immediately. He's a pleasure to be around.”

    Michelle M. Bailey
  • Master Pai's Taekwondo program enables Shakeele to perform better on schoolwork and appreciate values of respect and truth. Shakeele has improved a lot on respect from last testing. All in all he is a great kid.”

    C. Nazir
  • “Since attending Master Pai's Academy of Taekwondo Caleb has shown improvement in areas of listening, coordination and enthusiasm. Caleb has grown immensely in many areas. He is more patient and his focus especially has improved. Teachers in his school mention that they see quite a change this year. He has improved greatly in his schoolwork and made honor roll first quarter. He also gets along better with his peers and family members. I am very proud of him.”

    Josephine Longe

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