Martial Arts for Adults

If you’re looking for martial arts lessons for adults or even for the whole family in the Schenectady area, the Capital Region areas, you’ve come to the right place!

In our totally unique innovative  Taekwondo program, you’ll not only learn how to defend yourself and your family in virtually any situation, but you’ll also quickly (and safely) build muscle, melt fat, increase flexibility, and gain a greater sense of peace and quiet self-confidence.

Imagine walking into the board room or into the boss’s office to ask for that long overdue raise with a new sense of confidence and certainty. You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our Pai's Taekwondo innovative martial arts lessons for adults!

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Look at What Students are Saying!

“Earned my black belt in Glenville under Master Pai, Master Barkowski, & Master Kang. I highly recommend this school.”
Thomas Surber

“I have personally known the Pai’s for the last 15 years and they are a hardworking and genuine family. I highly recommend their business.”
Josh Yorkshire

“Spent many wonderful years of my life at Pais TKD! A great place to make lifelong friends and gain confidence for the real world.”
Signe Coffey

“Master Thomas Pai is the best! Classes for all ages and levels. Convenient Upper Union Street location – do your errands, banking, shopping, etc while the kids are in a class and all go out to eat at one of nearly a score of eateries in this nice, safe business neighborhood.”
Joanne McMahon DeVoe

Martial Arts for Adults

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